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History of Halftown

Loch Fyne's most celebrated writer, Neil Munro, and Gaelic poet, Evan McColl, wrote about Halftown. In his famous short story "The Lost Pibroch", Neil Munro speaks of "Halftown" which:

"stands in the woods. You may rove for a thousand years on league long brogues, or hurry on fairy wings from isle to isle and deep to deep, and find no equal to that same Half town."

In the 19th Century the beautiful Rose Forbes lived at Halftown and Evan McColl loved her. In his song/poem "Rose of Halftown" he pined:

"Oh it's a pity that me and my love
are not together on the brae
Driving cattle and the deer
In the shade of the bushes"

The front cottage, McHugh, is named after a family that lived in the cottage for over 130 years, and the last Mrs McHugh kept an orchard to the back with damson, apple and plum trees.

One of the past McHughs was the ferryman for the Inveraray - St.Catherine's crossing. His wife used to put a lantern in the window to guide the boat into St.Catherine's.

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